Paperless Office

As a business in the 21st Century if you are not utilising the benefits of technology you may soon find your business is falling behind your competitors.

Moving to a paperless office is a key step in in optimising the use of technology in your business.



There are many benefits in being a paperless office, including:

  • Reduced Costs
    • Minimal printing expenses and maintenance
    • Minimal stationery expenses
    • Reduced electricity costs from fewer machines running
  • Time Saving
    • Specific documents can be easily searched and quickly located
    • Information can be quickly scanned for important details and the search function can be used on many documents
    • Transferring data and communication with customers, suppliers and colleagues can occur via email, allowing for faster responses and actions taken
  • Increased Efficiencies
    • Electronic systems can result in many tasks being completed faster
    • Smaller more mundane tasks could become automatic
  • Growth Capabilities
    • Online storage is limitless when compared to the physical space that would be required for the same volume of hard copy documents
    • Additional floor space allows for extra employees or equipment
    • Increased efficiencies and time savings resulted in increased productivity and ultimately profits

Software and Applications to assist with the transition

There are many software options available to assist with your transition to a 'paperless office'. 

Below are a few applications you may want to consider:

  • Xero - for your business bookkeeping
  • Dropbox, Box, OneDrive - store your documents online and access from anywhere
  • Adobe Sign - for secure electronic document signing
  • OneNote, Evernote - for ditching the A4 notepad and moving to the electronic equivalent



The Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500 as a quick and compact solution for easily scanning documents on the go or for moving your office to a completely paperless environment.

Very simple setup to your computer, the ScanSnap scans various sized documents and can handle large volumes without jamming.


Tips and Tricks for working efficiently in a Paperless Office

Preview & Edit File Names

Activating the 'Preview pane' in Windows allows you to preview, scroll through and edit document names without opening them. In File Explorer, click the View tab and click on the 'Preview pane' button to activate. The screenshot below shows an example.

Xero myob
Reckon netsuite